Monday, 4 November 2013

Freshers Ball with Scott Mills

Well its been a bit of a while since we last chimed in, and busy we have most certainly been! So the great syndication that was birthed as a result of working with Bristol's super club has been truly expanded and evolved. They were gagging to have us back! And we couldn't resist their temptation... Freshers week turns Bristol into a bit of a student feeding frenzy and we were in the air as bait again, luring in the soon-to-be-loaded-with-'free'-cash revellers from The City's multiple universities. Plenty of fresh meat for our bass-oozing grinder. Rolling in with our usual display of aerial wizardry we had our graceful beauties up in the air watching over the dance floor, the nutter in slings as usual, and our goddess Elena in the hoop taking all the attention away from the supposed highlight of the night: Radio 1's Scott Mills! We swiftly stole the role of protagonist by performing our horizontal acrobatic wall-running piece to a stomper of a tune and left our imprint in the groggy, hung-over memories of all of Bristol's brightest future stars.

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