Sunday, 4 August 2013

Get Sexy

A great syndication hath birthed itself in truly universally synchronized style. Introducing an incredible venue of which we are proud to be residents at, big tops aside, the magnificent Syndicate nightclub in Bristol is an aerialists wet dream, especially if that aerialist happens to be a massive raver! Equipped with a dazzling array of high-tech lighting wonders, this venue is an absolute treat to work in. Syndicate has most certainly demonstrated its potential for easily becoming one of Bristol's finest live entertainment venues. The staff down there are completely on it, lively, involved, and eager to create fantastic shows, which is right up our avenue basically! So we are convinced that a really prosperous relationship has been born. They asked us to come in and get involved with one of their nights, Get Sexy's, second birthday. Seems a bit young to us for what we had planned... But who are we to be hypocrites! What a treat of an evening it was for the punters! We had stunners hanging out in silk hammocks, a sensual hoop show in the middle of the dance floor, a nutter on slings womping to jungle, and an epic, high-octane wall-run above the crowd! They've already invited us back for a number of dates before the year is out, including a Halloween show and possible Christmas party! Great things agwon friends.

Again, pictures say it better than we could, so massive thanks to Jack and James ( for their handy camera work in capturing the spectacle as they did:

Saturday, 3 August 2013

UBU Summer Ball

So what do you call a large group of students in a field with big tops and fareground rides, bands and DJ's, games and circus? Not a festival apparently... UBU Summer BALL heralded a great success for the Basstrology movement. They were tantalized by the prospect of our production abilities, and The Wall stood among the scene with distinction and grace. As a prototype, our vertical stage passed her first audition with flying, trippy colours and embraced the judgement of the elements, including deep saturation and near gale-force winds, all whilst nestled in the cosy nether regions of Leigh Court Estate. Pictures say more than any sort of rant we could come up with here at Basstrology so let us continue the rest of this blog in a format much more descriptive and easier to digest than our words.

To see a video of the performance please click here.