Thursday, 4 October 2012


Well, well, well... What can we really say? Words are so primal and limited in their capacity to portray the big, holographic picture seeking expression. Indeed, we require more radical, alternative methods to fully comprehend what exactly our one true reality actually is. Beings of immense energy, we are part of an infinitely vast spectrum of different frequencies and oscillations that manifest in different ways. The senses we are directly aware of now, in this particular state of physical consciousness, within what is termed "the third dimension", can pick up only a tiny percentage of the omniversal waveforms that permeate through all conceivable existence. The vibrations we do experience however, have profound impacts on our physiology. And here at Basstrology, we believe that nature is a hedonist. So let us enjoy the physics of which we are gifted, and explore the great depths of our imaginations to find the ultimate, divine resonance that binds us. 

One Love.