Saturday, 3 August 2013

UBU Summer Ball

So what do you call a large group of students in a field with big tops and fareground rides, bands and DJ's, games and circus? Not a festival apparently... UBU Summer BALL heralded a great success for the Basstrology movement. They were tantalized by the prospect of our production abilities, and The Wall stood among the scene with distinction and grace. As a prototype, our vertical stage passed her first audition with flying, trippy colours and embraced the judgement of the elements, including deep saturation and near gale-force winds, all whilst nestled in the cosy nether regions of Leigh Court Estate. Pictures say more than any sort of rant we could come up with here at Basstrology so let us continue the rest of this blog in a format much more descriptive and easier to digest than our words.

To see a video of the performance please click here.

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